Summer travels so far

So I wrote this a few days ago from the Amsterdam Airport, and I’m in Casablanca now, so obviously I have a problem with being too slow to update my blog. Anyways, I’ll post the original content and go from there. As far as updating, I’ve literally been going nonstop, which is a good thing, but makes it hard to sit down and actually put together a meaningful post.

Well, my 23 hours and 35 minutes in Amsterdam were too quick. As I write this I’m sitting in an airport lounge drinking free cappuccinos and sparking water and having fruit for breakfast thanks to my Lounge Club membership. My flight for Lisbon leaves in a couple of hours, but I have to find a hostel or something so I got to the airport early to use the wifi and find somewhere…

I’ve been very thrifty so far! After departing from the friend’s apartment I was staying at this morning I snuck into the “complimentary” breakfast at the Renaissance hotel and had macchiatos and cereal; it was filled with flight attendants and business people so I didn’t look too out of place. Yesterday with my free museum pass (Thanks Nana!) I was able to go see the Amsterdam Museum and The Nieuwe Kerk for free as well. Didn’t have time for many other museums, just walked around the city and explored mostly.

After South Africa, Barbados, and Southeast Asia especially, Amsterdam hardly feels foreign, but the Dutch people are very friendly. It’s just another city in another language. Perhaps that’s a sign that I’m traveling too much. Amsterdam was also much less urban than I expected, though I guess that was a silly expectation in hindsight. The public transit is very easy to navigate, though I haven’t had my tickets inspected once which makes me want to stop buying them and just board the trains and trams I need to be on…

Last night was lots of fun, but touristy. I went out with my friend Ruben that I met in Santa Barbara while he was studying abroad. Sadly he said Monday isn’t a great night in Amsterdam for nightlife, so we went to a very touristy area, Leidseplein. There we went to a few different bars where we caught up with a group of Australians on a pub crawl. We ended up following them, getting free admittance to a few clubs, and free drink coupons, so it was successful as far as my wallet is concerned.

Here are a few pictures, complete with iPhone filtration, showing Leidseplein at night, a canal scene, and a couple of horses and carriages in front of a palace, which was sadly closed.

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